Our approach




During my training I learned all the obligations relating to European legislation in terms of cosmetics. It is a highly regulated environment: hygiene, good manufacturing practices, product information file and validation of the recipe by a toxicologist expert, cosmetovigilance, sampling etc...

It is essential for us to respect all these aspects in order to offer our customers reliable cosmetics.


Cold saponification

All our soaps are Cold saponified, it is a very old artisanal method of manufacture which consists of a reaction of fatty substances with caustic soda, which gives a naturally glycerinated soap. This allows the soaps to retain the maximum benefits of the oils and butters due to the excess fat that remains in the soaps.

We select the raw materials with care. We work exclusively with high quality organic oils and butters.

We produce by hand, in small quantities. All the manufacturing steps are carried out by hand. We believe that a natural handmade soap can also be beautiful and pleasing to the eye, which is why all our soaps are drawn and colored on paper, to find the best balance of shapes and colors. Each soap has its identity.


Zero-waste goal!

For ecological reasons, we have chosen to ban plastic from our packaging. We had the chance to snorkel and see the terrible impact of plastic on marine life. It was therefore very important for us to have no plastic packaging. All our packaging is made of kraft paper, wood or glass, they are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable.