Notre histoire

My name is Estefania, I am Franco-Ecuadorian and I have been living in France for 16 years now.

I have always been passionate about soap making and the world of cosmetics, but even more since the birth of my little boy Raphaël.

When I was pregnant I had difficulty finding healthy, reliable and safe cosmetics for babies. I really wanted to be careful about the products I put on my skin. I chose to stop shower gels, most of which are formulated with controversial ingredients.

 I changed my hair care range as well as all my body and face creams. But even having found organic products without endocrine disruptors, I decided to develop my own product formulas, because you are never better served than by yourself!

By starting to make my first soaps, it turned into a real passion. I quickly had the click to make it my job, starting with professional training as a soap and cosmetics craftsman in Provence at the European University of Flavors and Scents.

A few months later, I finally decided to embark on this great adventure! :)

To honor my origins, I chose the name KANDA which in Native American means "magical power".